How fast is your website? Mine goes warp speed

Someone out there figured: Y'know what? We don't have enough conferences. Today, O'Reilly conferences is starting their new moneymaker: Velocity. If you're not there right now, show up tomorrow and figure out how to make your site run harder, better, faster, stronger. After the conference, Ignite! is happening with… » 6/23/08 2:00pm 6/23/08 2:00pm

NKOTB a litmus test for whether aging fans use YouTube or not

The cycle of music has found its way back to its 80s roots with the "comeback" of Aquanet-era boy band New Kids on the Block. Gone, however, are the days of cassette mixes and recording songs off the radio; thrust into the world of YouTube and Muxtape, the 'Kids are trying to catch up with the band's new… » 6/20/08 3:20pm 6/20/08 3:20pm

Anything geeks can do, she can do with ovaries

Being a woman in tech can have its advantages. Not only is there a shorter line for the bathroom at conferences and every event you go to is full of eligible men, but that glass ceiling thing sounds swell, too. If the women out there want to talk about their experiences in tech (all 15 of you, that is), the earnestly… » 6/17/08 2:00pm 6/17/08 2:00pm

Because being in tech means no time to tan

The hoary joke that geeks stay pale in the summer? Still warranted, given all the conventions and day-long "camps" that take place indoors. Social Gaming Summit is happening today, from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. over at UCSF and MobileCamp San Francisco is from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday at the Swedish-American Hall.… » 6/13/08 2:00pm 6/13/08 2:00pm